St. Vincent's Secondary School
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The History of St. Vincent's

St. Vincent's has a very interesting history.

The foundation of St. Vincent's followed soon after the establishment in Dublin of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in 1844. There was a seroius need for a school like St. Vincent's to look after the orphan boys of Dubin in the Nineteenth Century.

The Society purchased a house, 6 Mount Brown, near Kilmainham and the official opening ceremony took place on December 14th 1856.

When the accommodation at Mount Brown House proved to be inadequate, six acres of land (opposite the old turnpike at the junction of the Finglas and Glasnevin Roads - now the site of Dalcassian Downs), the property of a Captain Lindsay, were purchased. On September 8th, the foundation stone was laid by the Most Reverend Dr. Cullen, Archbishop of Dublin.

In 1863, the Christian Brothers took over the running of the school, replacing the Fathers of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost. It continued as an orphanage right up until 1970. The School continued to be called St Vincent's in honour of its patron St. Vincent de Paul, whose feast day is celebrated on the 19th of July.

In January 1927 the first day boys were enrolled. The building of te present primary School started in 1938 and it opened in August 1939. The present secondary school opened in 1965 and in 1968 the swimming pool was built. The gym, with its classrooms, oratory, handball alley and canteen were added in 1978. In 1989 an extension to the school was built which included four regular classrooms and a specialist laboratory.

The tradition of the School has developed from the vision of Edmund Rice. The fundamental purpose of the school is to produce well educated, mature citizens by developing the physical, emotional, aesthetic, moral and religious capacities of the students. School activities are designed to help the students come to a Christian maturity which leads them to base their lives on Christian principles.

in 2008 the Christian Brothers handed over the trusteeship of the school to ERST, the Edmund Rice Schools Trust, which now takes responsibility for the future development of the school in the tradition of Edmund Rice. The school will continue as an open, inclusive Catholic school working to provide the best possible education to all students in a caring and supportive school partnership and community.

St. Vincent's today