St. Vincent's Secondary School
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St. Vincent's | An anti bullying school

St Vincent’s Secondary School is a “Can Tell” school that seeks to prevent bullying and create a welcoming and caring environment where every student, parent and staff member can be respected as individuals and be free of any type of bullying. The school is committed to creating an environment where bullying is not accepted or tolerated.

The school recognises the role of the entire school community in identifying and reporting bullying behaviour and acknowledges its own role in taking appropriate action when bullying behaviour becomes apparent. In line with the school’s ethos, we promote a supportive environment for all our students. Supports will be made available for any student who is the victim of bullying behaviours and will also be provided for students who engage in bullying behaviours to promote positive reinforcement of positive conduct.

At St Vincent’s we take a proactive role in combatting bullying by increasing awareness and education of the issue amongst students (through formal curricular programming; SPHE, RE, RSE, Wellness, CSPE and Guidance; and through the school’s pastoral care system), staff and parents. As a ‘Can Tell’ school we encourage the reporting of all incidences of bullying. Practical actions to prevent bullying (comprehensive supervision and monitoring) are implemented to ensure that incidents of bullying behaviours are minimised.

Reporting of bullying follows a developed procedure. There is a Pastoral Care system within the school, where each class has a form teacher who reports all incidents of bullying that is reported to them which is then reported to school management. All incidents will be investigated and sanctions for bullying behaviour have been identified and will be implemented.

The school’s anti-bullying policy covers the entire school community (students, parents, and all-staff) and applies to all school-related activities, including the period to and from school. Bullying may be physical, verbal or psychological in nature and may target any of the 9 areas of possible discrimination covered by the Equal Status Acts (2000 & 2008): Gender, Marital Status, Family Status, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Age, Race, Membership of the Travelling Community, Disability.

St Vincent’s Anti-Bullying Policy was drafted in accordance with the requirements of the Education (Welfare) Act 2000. For more information, check out the St Vincent’s Anti-Bullying Policy in the ‘About US’ section of the website