St. Vincent's Secondary School
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The Care team

“The Care Team” is the Student Support Team that operates in the school with the aim of supporting the well-being every student in the school, particularly those students who may be in need of specific help in any area of their lives.

The Care Team in St Vincent’s meet once a week. The members of the Care Team are:

  • Ms M Quinn | Principal and DLP
  • Mr N McCann | Deputy Principal and Deputy DLP
  • Ms E McLoughlin | Behavioural Support Teacher
  • Ms S Flood | School Counsellor
  • Mr E Connolly | HSCL
  • Ms S McLoughlin | School Completion

The group aims to help students with educational, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties by co-ordinating support within the school and with wider community partners.

The Care Team is part of the whole-school approach to student well-being and support and is designed with the Continuum of Support (As recommended by the DES and NEPS).