St. Vincent's Secondary School
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Guidance dept

What is Career Guidance and Counselling?

The Guidance Counselling Service in St. Vincent's is available FOR ALL STUDENTS. The aim of the service is to provide for each student's needs across the following areas:
  • Educational
  • Social and Emotional
  • Vocational / Careers
Ms Flood is the School career guidance Counsellor. She works individually with students and with small groups and classes.

The Career Guidance and Counselling Service in St. Vincents

EVERY student in St. Vincents will work with the career guidance counsellor during his time in the school.
The service is open to ALL STUDENTS and studdents will have specific career guidance classes in their senior years as they prepare to plan for their futures. But remember students can drop in to talk to Ms Flood at any stage.

Counselling: How and Why?

The counselling service in St Vincents is available to ALL STUDENTS. Ms Flood will provide a safe, quiet and CONFIDENTIAL space for students to chat. Students can talk to Ms Flood for many reasons including if:
  • If you want to talk to someone in private
  • If you need help in discussing your options in school
  • If you need help discussing your options after school
  • Listen to you if you are upset, stressed or angry
  • If you want to understand relationships better
  • If you wnat to learn about your moods and feelings

Please Note

  • The Guidance and Counselling service a St. Vincents provides a non-directive service - we do not aim to tell the students what to do
  • Rather we aim to help the student find their own path and discover the choices open to them for their futures.
  • The department will help provide information and guide students towards the acheivement of their goals.
  • Final decisions on future careers and future education choices are all the responsibility of the individual, as are all application prcesses.

Contact details

Ms Flood

Tel: 01 830 4375

How to book an appointment with Ms Flood

  1. Talk to Ms Flood directly
  2. Email Ms Flood (
  3. Call to Ms Flood's office (Room 105, Ground Floor)
  4. Speak to your form Teacher.
  5. If Parents are concerned they can contact Ms Flood

Typical problems for teenagers

  • If you need info about careers
  • If you feel generally mixed up
  • You feel nobody understands you
  • You have had a row with a friend or family
  • There are problems at home
  • I'm getting into problems at school
  • I'm falling behind with school work
  • Others are giving me a hard time
  • I've no idea what to do with my life
  • I'm worried about my health
  • I'm in trouble outside school
  • I just feel low
  • I often get angry and moody
  • I struggle with Study
  • Sometimes I get scary thoughts
  • I lack self-confidence


  • St Vincent’s has established excellent links with all the Local Higher Education Institutes, Colleges and PLC Colleges
  • Our Students have a history of progressing to DCU, Trinity College, UCD, Maynooth University, DIT, NCI and many more further education institutes
  • As an inclusive DEIS School we promote the use of the HEAR and DARE College Access schemes

DCU Link School

  • St Vincent’s is a proud partner of the DCU Access Service and is one of 21 designated ‘link’ schools
  • Our students avail of DCU Programmes such as Junior Discover DCU, UniTY, UFirst and many more programmes aimed at engaging ALL students in Universities
UniTY Partner School