St. Vincent's Secondary School
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2016/2017 Council

2016/2017 council
 Class  Representative
 2 Derg  Brandon St. Ledger
 2 Tara  Mark Budeanu and Michal Dujak
 3 Nore  Richard Rotariu, Lee Barrett and Daniel Clarke
 3 SLane  Adam Daly, Ciaran Hempenstall and Alex Butuc
 TY1  Johnatan Cacho and Nathaniel Mucaset
 TY2  Toby Gervin, Mateusz Ciesiolka and Bruno Oltan
 5L  Maciej Swierad
 5F  Karl Ypon and Jack McGrane
 5S  Leon Delaney and Gary O' Connor
 6th Year  Mark Agujar and Silviu Mirt

St Vincent's Student Council

The student council is a voice for the students in this small school of ours, for the students to have a say in how things are and what way they might want things to go. This year the St. Vincent’s Student Council holds meetings at lunchtime instead of classes for the first time. Our council this year is rather large with over twenty students. Meetings are held regularly on a Monday with Maciej Swierad, our chairman and Nathaniel Macasaet, our secretary. This year, we’ve decided for our main focus to be promoting pride in the school itself and general overall positivity, an idea that was proposed by Silviu Mirt who has taken on rather much in regards to that.

See below for a montage of our Halloween Dress up day


Our Council

 Maciej Swierad